You know you have to do it, you are left with no other option.

Every step must be taken with utmost caution.

All you have and all you love is at a stake now.

Efforts and action must be matched and strong now.

Come up with something which unique and branded.

Make the paradigm shift and leave behind your every problem stranded.

Tap the well of your creativity, hidden deep in your heart.

Enrich this world with those words, which he whispered in your heart.

What will you loose, if you had nothing at beginning.

Speak up now, our father is right there waiting for all of us and smiling.

Vishal Raut


19 thoughts on “SPEAK UP!!!

    1. Thanks Kamal, such appreciating comments encourage me to believe that I have an ability to scribble my thoughts. You just made my day!!! I am always eager to hear honest comments on my work and maybe that is the reason I started to blog.😄


      1. Hey Vishal thanks so much for your lovely comments and for sure you have a great ability to write and you can. One thing I have observed that we bloggers are so positive and encourage all our friends and that is so good to boost us isnt it. Keep it going friend.

        Liked by 2 people

      2. Yeah I also did mention today someone on this site, that how positive vibes every one carries here in blogging world unlike other social sites. All the best too you my friend and hope we keep on appreciate and correct each other.

        Liked by 1 person

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