When I close my eyes and think about you my love,
I ask myself many thing, along with it my love.
What is in, it you that I can’t resist?
Why is it you, because of which I can’t exist?

Love is miserable to live with forever, I know
but can I live without you ever?
I climbed all mountains, swamed every  river,
faced every avalanche till my soul shivered.

He cried, yelled and suffered every pain I endure,
but for my brave soul your love was his only cure.
He was in a trance whenever he felt you,
he had his biss whenever he saw you.

I my love, am just a mere puppet in his hands.
He needs you as rain shower needed by barren lands.
You come now my love, plz don’t be late.
My heart here alone and lonely,
needs desperately his only soulmate.

Vishal Raut

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