You stood there when they all ruined my dreams,

You smiled, when I lost my belief.

You stood silent, when they took away my toys,

You were happy, when they send me to school.

This was not out deal, hope you remember.

You offered us abundant love and happiness on earth.

Down below, every need of ours will be taken care of,

You promised us all, in this decrepit world of yours.

This world of yours, is a marvel you said.

Mankind is your best creation, you said.

They are entrusted with immense power, you said.

They will enrich my soul with serenity, you said.

Down here, we are alone in our misery.

Everyone is busy and enchanted by their new discoveries.

They all are in a hurry, don’t know for what.

Can’t even wait for me to grow up.

My childhood, my tantrums they can’t bear.

My wet clothes and my pranks they despair.

Love is lost, in their desire somewhere.

We are just the output of their lust and flare.

Stop this cycle of time sometime, my creator.

Let me be a small adolescent child for a while.

This supple nature and tenderness, let me embrace it.

Let me sleep along with your dreams tonight.

Copyright © Vishal Raut

This are just my personal opinion of how a small child might complain to God, when he sees how miserable and distracted we all are down below and maybe they came here with some other expectations, maybe, I don’t know.

Image – Google.


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