Cooking =Patience

You all might be wondering how is cooking equal to patience as in a title, as both are entirely different thing. First one, I  can say is an activity and the other one a quality or a time dimensional property.

All the dear ones who care for me have many time suggested me to either learn cooking or do fishing frequently, because they all are the victim of the wrath of my anger every now and then. Yes and it is happening quiet frequently now a days. I have realised it and to be honest I even know the reason behind it, but lets not discuss that in this blog. So to control my anxiety which ultimately is the reason for anger, there is only one way and that is to learn to be patient. Wow all three aspect of human personality in one sentence and how well they are related to each other.

So at last tonight I decided to try cooking independently, and these are some of the reason I did that :

  • My wife has  gone to her parents home.{No we did not had a fight, it is just her family requirement }
  • I really wanted to try and see how it works on me and my anger.
  • I am working out and did not wanted to have anything from restaurant which will spoil my diet.
  • I had everything that was required to cook a meal in my freeze, so left with no excuse at all.πŸ˜‰

So then at last I decided to cook a simple Indian middle class , high in protein dinner :-

Chapati & Sprouted Lentils Sabhji

 This is what I had with me : 


To be honest, it is not that I have never cooked before in my life, well I did cooked, to help my wife in kitchen sometimes. But this was the first time I was cooking independently without asking how much and for how long ????

So let’s chalk down the lessons learnt while undergoing the process 

  • Have to take decision independently and face the consequences. Some decision if go wrong in life can be corrected but some can’t. E.g. : can add salt if it less later on to improve taste, but can’t add the spices and ingredients which are the main requirement  for any cuisine to fascinate human being.

I am big fan of following three things in a food: onions , tomatoes and capsicum. I just love them and I think they just make every dish complete with their unique aroma and taste.

So I started with my  SABHJI first, 


This is how my tadka looked like and now my first question, how long should I fry onions?? I knew I should wait till they turn red and believe me, never ever till today I have waited for them to fry except today. I kept on frying them till they looked like this : 

  • After putting efforts in your task some time you have to wait for a bit long to achieve fruitfull results, because something takes their own time to yield as we want.

Then after adding homemade species which is given to us by my both mothers, it looked like this 


Yes I am blessed with two mother , one who gave me birth and the other my Mom-in-Law. Every need of ours is taken care by both of them. Homemade everything is supplied to us throughout the year.

  • Learnt to value and cherish the relationship with loved ones than wasting time chasing something which is beyond reach or carrying grief of the things lost till now

So finally after adding lentils to it my final dish looked like this, which after lot of dilemma I decided, that yes it is cooked.


I don’t want to embrass myself further by showing all you guys how terribly , I ploughed my dough and how asymmetric my chapatis were. 

But the bottom line is , I enjoyed my own cooked food and loved it unquestionably because it was the result of my hard work alone.

The only thing that annoyed me today was, when I had to do the dishes. But as you guys know I am alone and I am the only one who has to do it.

  • Always complete the job, never leave anything incomplete, no matter you succeed or not take it to the end. Never ever give up.

Now let me conclude by sharing  the way I experienced my evening at my personal level with you guys.

I had many options tonight to spend my evening, I could have gone out with my friends, ordered from restaurant and enjoyed watching a movie etc. But I choose to do this and I think I did  the right thing.

The 2 hr or so that I spend cooking, I was completely detached from my worries and griefs. While cooking I was more involved in that activity and all that tensions which linger in our background [24*7] was nowhere in my mind. My heart was enjoying the process and my mind was learning it with full curiosity.

The best way to destrees our self is not only  by having a drink, but it can also be done by doing something which you alsways wanted to do full heartedly and happlily, absolutely being carefree from the final outcome.

Thank you guys for going through my blog. Will love to have your honest comments and do tell me whether my blog title is justified or not.

Images : phone camera


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