Setback or Failure

What is it exactly ? This incomplete task, that I have in my hand. This unfinished dream , that linger in my heart. This bitter envy, for the other succesfull people around me. What is it exactly ? Am I , not well trained, or am I, unwilling to go through grind. Am I, not... Continue Reading →

A Thought

There has been a thought, lying in my mind. Idle and worn out, it has taken shelter. At the corner, just below my beleifs, It has been staying there for eternity. It is fragile and unhealthy now. It has been like this for a while now. I tinkle it sometimes, but hardly it responds. I... Continue Reading →


Silence departs noise in a moment. Fills up the entire space with calm element. Mind settles down & vision brightens. Imagination blossoms and soul enlightens. Copyright © Vishal Raut Image - Google


You stood there when they all ruined my dreams, You smiled, when I lost my belief. You stood silent, when they took away my toys, You were happy, when they send me to school. This was not out deal, hope you remember. You offered us abundant love and happiness on earth. Down below, every need... Continue Reading →


Some of us are busy wondering, But, I prefer pondering. What, why, where and how , No longer trouble me now. I am fresh, kind and hearty, Full of life and naughty. What is happening outside, Hardly, bothers me inside. Yes, I rediscovered myself, Why don't you try it yourself? ****** ©Vishal Raut

Be In The Moment

Today while wishing one of my college friend on his brithday, we chatted a bit longer, and I asked him, his age, inspite of knowing it and even expressed amazement after listening his number. Yes age is after all just a number and we both agreed at that very moment about it, because neither one... Continue Reading →

Random One!!!

It has been forever now, the wait is endless now. It is no longer, agony and pain for me now. Ages, can now pass without any hindrance. Now Life can summon death at once. Copyright ©Vishal Raut

Back on my Course.

The moment when it strikes you, and you realize how far you have drifted from your path, in last few days, it happened to me yesterday. It came unknowingly and suddenly, I started gauging my life, of last few months and I understood, that it is not a tiny drift due to water current, but... Continue Reading →

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