You and  Me 

You are there,  yes you are there in me, first you where in my heart,  now in my womb. 

You are the one with whom I share my heart, you maybe the only one visiting my tomb. 

You and me share heartbeat and soul,  you and me feed together for each other. 

You and me are under  the divine grace,  you and me will be taken care forever by your father. 

Your twirls,  everyday are getting faster within,  kicks of your are mine most pleasurable  pain. 

You are safe my love have no worries, very soon you will be ours most treasured gain. 

This one is for my best friend who is blessed with a baby girl last week. Congratulations to that lovely couple and lot of kisses for baby girl too. 

Copyright ©Vishal Raut 

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9 thoughts on “You and  Me 

  1. This post struck a chord with me as my son & his wife just had their first child…A darling girl. She is so special as I am sure your friends’ baby is. I like the part about the father taking care of them forever. I see that in my son.
    You have a nice blog. Thanks for reading mine. Have a great weekend.

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