Happy New Year!!! 

So what is it? What do you want from me? Why are you making me go through this? When are you going to finish it with me? When is my agony and pain going to end? 

With so many questions in my heart,  I am going to end my year. For whom are this questions? Why are they so negative? No I don’t want to carry a hangover of my immoral deeds and  negative shadows hanging on my ankle and enter in coming  year. 

To be frank not much is going to change in this coming year,  within me,  with me and broadly speaking with the whole world also. 

This year ends and a new year starts, so let’s start fresh with new dreams,  resolutions  and ambitions – this all is a saga of time defined and described by humans, divided in years to make it countable to record history and major events in it. 

But the truth is our universe is completely unaware of it.  It has it’s own clock in which  this one year of mankind – 365 torturous, joyful and adventurous  days is just a mere speck on his timeline.

 So a major change to happen in our world will ultimately  require more than a year. In fact changes are happening now and it is so slow and gradual that we mankind are completely  unaware of it. The outcome of this changes on our world will be faced by generations to come and many years from now. 

But till then, like a typical human,  I am also completely engrossed in my gone year problems and asking my life,   when is she going to finish playing with me? And enrich me with its beauty and guide me to my destiny. 

I hope in this coming year she does that with me and I hope with everyone  around me too. What I am asking from my life is not so much at all,  because if our world is a small speck in our universe then how tiny our life might be in this universe and how micro our wishes may be. 

So let’s embrace our life  in this coming year with no questions,  blame and anger, on the contrary  embrace her with happiness,  innocence and love. 

Wish you all a very happy new year all my fellow bloggers and I will pray for you all. Let love and peace reside and blossom in every mankind heart in this coming year. 




12 thoughts on “Happy New Year!!! 

  1. I wish and hope you will be guided to destiny as you wish for! 🙂 New year greetings and wishes. 🙂

    It was nice post for the year start.

    P.S. By mistake my comment was posted on this post, which was for other one (Pinned post, which I commented again). You can delete the redundant one here as well as this P.S. line while you moderate! 😀

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