When I set my mind free

I am glad that today I have time for all this. Time to entertain both of us, but maybe one day I will be done with all this and on that day, while sitting alone at my desk, having nothing to occupy myself, maybe on that day I will set you (my mind) free and... Continue Reading →


Nothing I have now, nothing is left. All is empty and nothing is unkept. All is drained and filled with silence. My mind as a void, is guarded by thorny fence. Yes it has nothing, but still it resist, Keeps away all better thoughts and exist. Trembles my heart and makes it wither. Nothing, nothing... Continue Reading →

Casual Conversation

“Hi, how are you? Yes I am asking you. How have you been lately? Sorry I never bothered to ask you, about you” ‘Now you might be wondering, how the hell this happened? Why is he suddenly asking me, how I am? He knows how I am, he knows how I have been in past... Continue Reading →

Thoughtless Mind 

When they arrives in my mind, they comes unwarned and unexpected and when I order them to go and leave me alone, they choose to stay back. Thoughts, what are they?? Sometimes they bless me with pleasure but most of the time they turn dreadful and curse me with anxiety.  “Always take care of your... Continue Reading →


           Oh you demon siting in my head Leave me alone for a moment.  Enough of haunting and playing with your prey.  Abandon me now atleast, don't wait till peril.  Your every evil intention has been fulfilled.  My every aspiration  have been shattered.  You have me and  I am left with... Continue Reading →


​I dumped many useless things in my backyard, Now it is full, stinking and rotten. Doors are closed and locked for ages, But foul smell is escaping through creeks and edges. It reminds me how much I owe. Unreasonable, useless and miserable things.  Things which have ruined me, tortured me. Things which have shackled me... Continue Reading →

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