It has been eternity now my love, how long should I wait? Ages passed and still I am awake. Eyes long, for your one glimpse Soul shivers, for your one smile. You and me, have been apart for a while now. When will it end? And I don’t know how. I hope you are waiting... Continue Reading →


Some of my days are old and tired, Some are young and excited. Some make me creep and crawl every moment. Some push me beyond my limits. I have a curse which I don’t know, when ends. I have a blessing which I know, will end soon. I am human,with a bit of divine in... Continue Reading →

Casual Conversation

“Hi, how are you? Yes I am asking you. How have you been lately? Sorry I never bothered to ask you, about you” ‘Now you might be wondering, how the hell this happened? Why is he suddenly asking me, how I am? He knows how I am, he knows how I have been in past... Continue Reading →

My Boy

“How have been your journey so far, boy?” Asked the man standing right behind him in that crowded bus, hanging on the same rusty iron bar. His sweaty armpits where dripping on his shoulder and his groin rubbed unintentionally on his ass, whenever bus danced among the potholes. 'Who was he? Why is he bothering... Continue Reading →

His New Identity 

It was very fine for me, dad not talking with me, still fuming with rage because of my recent confrontation,  mother busy in her daily morning chores completely unaware of our presence. This has been normal for us recently. We lived under one roof and shared many good memories here till now, but situation has... Continue Reading →

Pieces of Me 

Pieces of me, which shattered last night, Scattered now around me are glistening under light. They are me and I was them, some time back, But now I am new and they enlighten my track. Immense energy and boundless courage was taken,  To break my old self, and to patiently listen.  The voice from my... Continue Reading →

Chaisng Dreams 

“​Wait for me”, I said to her like every time.  “I will return soon this time”  I said. She stared in my eyes and tries to reach my heart.  My shivering soul,  hides deep in shame and despise.  She knows,  I am lying like last time.  She knows I am chasing my dreams abondoning her... Continue Reading →

What Happens ?

What happens when I am deep in my work, She enters in my room  without  a knock. Go away!! my heart screams and anger builds up in my veins, Deriding  me, she strolls casually and kisses me. Keeps my coffee on my table and off she goes, leaving me incomplete.   Copyright Vishal Raut Image:... Continue Reading →


​I dumped many useless things in my backyard, Now it is full, stinking and rotten. Doors are closed and locked for ages, But foul smell is escaping through creeks and edges. It reminds me how much I owe. Unreasonable, useless and miserable things.  Things which have ruined me, tortured me. Things which have shackled me... Continue Reading →

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