Today is fine and so will be tomorrow, In my dream land, it’s only happiness and no sorrow. No don’t even think of quitting this place. Nowhere else, you will find peace and solace.   Yes I made up all, on my own, No one is stranger here, everyone is known. Perfection have no place,... Continue Reading →

What Happens ?

What happens when I am deep in my work, She enters in my room  without  a knock. Go away!! my heart screams and anger builds up in my veins, Deriding  me, she strolls casually and kisses me. Keeps my coffee on my table and off she goes, leaving me incomplete.   Copyright Vishal Raut Image:... Continue Reading →


When I am alone, lost deep in a crowd , I amuse myself by watching people faces and their appearance. Some amuse me, some make me wonder about them and most of them allure me towards them. I end up most of the time imagining, exchanging my life with them. Most of them attract me... Continue Reading →

Blank Page 

​Do you start your write up with a title or think of the appropriate title post completing it. The latter one suits me.  When I pickup my pen and stare on a blank page, I generally have no idea what I am going to write about.  Yes sometime, in fact very few time,  I feel... Continue Reading →

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