Random One!!!

It has been forever now, the wait is endless now. It is no longer, agony and pain for me now. Ages, can now pass without any hindrance. Now Life can summon death at once. Copyright ©Vishal Raut

Back on my Course.

The moment when it strikes you, and you realize how far you have drifted from your path, in last few days, it happened to me yesterday. It came unknowingly and suddenly, I started gauging my life, of last few months and I understood, that it is not a tiny drift due to water current, but... Continue Reading →

When I set my mind free

I am glad that today I have time for all this. Time to entertain both of us, but maybe one day I will be done with all this and on that day, while sitting alone at my desk, having nothing to occupy myself, maybe on that day I will set you (my mind) free and... Continue Reading →


It is convenient to say no, Rather than saying yes and sticking till end with your commitment. It is convenient to be atheist, Rather than believing in God and seeking hard your enlightenment. It is convenient to be a hypocrite, Rather than practicing what we arrogantly preach. It is convenience, that we seek and cherish,... Continue Reading →

Is Mankind Sinking??? 

​“No weight is required for a man fallen in well to sink,  he will go down by his own weight. Mankind is so heavily weighed down by its  own sin,  that it has already started sinking.”  Do I believe this,  or should I believe this? Do you guys are also made to believe this or... Continue Reading →

Emotional  Needs 

​What are the basic need of we humans? Food,  shelter and clothing right,  this is what we have been taught  and this is what we think too.  Now what do we humans do post completion  of this essential requirements,  where  do we set our eye after that? What do we humans aspire the most after... Continue Reading →

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