Expressing Life

A King’s Statue 

Birds  shit on my face, beneath  thundering cloud. 

I await for my demolition and am ashamed. 

Being still and watching all,  has been the purpose. 

Yes a death is far better than this curse. 

I died long back, ages have been passed, 

Generations remembered me and generations forgot. 

They seek a lot within me and avoided me a lot too. 

They took everything from me as per their comfort. 

When sun shone on me, they all kneeled, 

When glory kissed me they praised. 

And when death was awaiting me, they worshipped. 

Today when I am no more, they caged me. 

Huge riding statues of mine, will look glorious, 

Pride will shine and courage will  be displayed. 

Truth will be hidden, and character will be shunned. 

Summon my principles, not my face value. 

Vishal Raut 

Copyright © Vishal Raut 

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What Happens ?

What happens when I am deep in my work,

She enters in my room  without  a knock.

Go away!! my heart screams and anger builds up in my veins,

Deriding  me, she strolls casually and kisses me.

Keeps my coffee on my table and off she goes, leaving me incomplete.


Copyright ©Vishal Raut

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When I am alone, lost deep in a crowd , I amuse myself by watching people faces and their appearance. Some amuse me, some make me wonder about them and most of them allure me towards them. I end up most of the time imagining, exchanging my life with them. Most of them attract me so much that I wish to take their place.

Same happens with me when I am travelling by a train, and among all those landscapes and running towns in my window, I search the perfect house and imagine myself in that. I am ready to trade my house, my life and that is what, I am frightened off.

Why am I doing this and why am I doing it without any hesitation at all? Life has been tough on me and so it has been on all of us but trading it with someone else just because  you find it to be better visually is not the right thing and I know it so well, still why my heart is so fascinated by this idea. I have to ask myself and search within me the reason for this. I have been doing the same from last few days and then I thought maybe I will like to know from you guys. Have you ever felt so?

I did realize that, for a moment if we say that we all want to do the same thing and we all imagine that the other person is having a better life than us, just as the saying goes ′Grass on the other side is always greener′That makes all of us unhappy with our life. then who is happy with his life ? The guy walking on a road see someone on a cycle and wishes for a cycle and the other guy on the cycle wants the bike standing beside him and the gentleman riding a bike is desperate to owe a car for his family. 

We all want more in our life and are not satisfied with the present situation and are always asking for more, sometime for us and sometime for our loved ones. But just  for a moment imagine if my brother, wife or my mother also start doing the same and if they also trade their life with someone’s else for a better living and happiness and if they choose to abandon me so easily then what would I feel.

Asking for more in a life is not an issue, but fighting for it, striving for it and winning it is more satisfying and worthy than spending time in our own LA LA land of dreams and waiting for miracles to happen.

Someone somewhere is more worthy than me, but he is not blessed with my life and my opportunities and I have to make most out of  my blessings.

So lets start loving our life and rather than focusing on what we don’t have lets cherish and value what we have.

Vishal Raut 


​I dumped many useless things in my backyard,

Now it is full, stinking and rotten.

Doors are closed and locked for ages,

But foul smell is escaping through creeks and edges.

It reminds me how much I owe.

Unreasonable, useless and miserable things. 

Things which have ruined me, tortured me.

Things which have shackled me to my past.

“Get rid of them as soon as you can” 

“Throw them, burn them, dispose them” 

“Do whatever you can, as soon as you can”

I know what has to be done, how it has to be done. 

I know all, because I learned all. 

Every knowledge, every path was available for me.

Every answer was within reach of my will

But still my backyard is full and so my mind.

My past is relishing on my present.

My heart is heavy with pain,

and for love, no space is left within me.

Copyright ©Vishal Raut

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Give them the freedom

Read it in a article today which was about students in India commiting suicide, reason being not able to manage the pressure of studies and exams etc.

At the end of the article the reporter mentioned that he met a student who was returning back to home to tell his parents that he can’t clear the competitive exam for which he was here, and he is not simply made for it. But when he was asked, that what would he really like to do in his life?  He replied that he don’t know, because he has never been so free to think what he really want to do!

Today you will meet many of them who really don’t know what they want to do with their life and to be honest even I don’t know, what to do with my life? But not knowing what to do in your life is not a issue but not having the freedom to make choice in your life is a big problem for our kind. 

So,  is it true that the youngster of  a typical middle class society of my country have never being given the freedom to choose what they want in their life?

I think the main reason behind it is also the nomenclature of our society. Here in my country, people marry early, have kids as soon as they are married and then all those things which they couldn’t achieve in their life, becomes the liability for their children. 

Childrens are never given the freedom to choose what they want, but it is expected from them that they must shoulder the responsibility as soon as possible. Completing the education which parents think is good for them and then securing a job and finally get married and have kids. Hence keep the  cycle running. 

We have to understand that every guy is not born to be a Engineer, Doctor etc. This is not the only choice left in our country. Yes we are a developing country but unless and until we don’t give the coming generations the freedom to choose and express their qualities, we are not going to move ahead at all. 

Life in 21st century is born with many dimensions and possibilities. Yes it was not so some decade ago but now it is. Technology and creativity has shifted their paradigm and has opened many possibilities for youngsters to flourish and achieve everything they want. Yes their will be competition and yes it will be tough too, but then they will never give up here,  in their chosen field because they will be loving every challenge thrown at them.

So as a parents, rather that expecting some outstanding stuff from your childrens, provide them with all the options and opportunities of this world and let them choose for themselves. 

Let them make their own mistakes and let them learn from them. Let them face the storms of their life and let them rise from it with glory. Yes do abide them with strength and character and bless them from your heart. 

Copyright ©Vishal Raut

Fancy being a Child again?? 

Choice to do what we have to do in a life. Choice to be with whom we love, choice to have what we like. Having choices at every moment of life, won’t it be a ideal life?? 

Well today as a grown up, we do have to choose among our options at every stage of life, some we do it consciously and some sub consciously, but most of the time we choose, not what we want, but what we think is the best for us at that moment. At least  it happens with most of them in my country. 

The freedom to choose what we loved, which a baby child has is Surreal and fascinates me a lot. Yes, a baby child is innocent, gorgeous, and sometime behaves insanely too. But the marvelous advantage of being a child is most of the time you get what you want, because your choice is stated firmly and approved most of the time. 

A simple smile or a loud wail of cry states very profoundly what they want and what they don’t want. It is very simple and easy for them. 

Wish we could do the same as a grown  up and we too had someone to fulfill our choices. 

Eg : You don’t want to face your boos today, simply start weeping when he summons you. He will understand your true feeling without getting offended,  off course. 

Easy, simple. But is it soo??? 

Coming Days 

Coming days will be bright and sunny. 

Love will be gifted abundantly and freely. 

Everything around us will be happy and funny. 

Smile will dance on our face merrily. 
This gone time was bad and so was our life. 

We lost our loved ones and our hopes. 

We still remember faces of our dead kids and wife. 

Bless now, bless us with strength to cope. 
I don’t praise you now,  for mercy. 

Neither,  am I afraid of your wrath. 

Time is strong and his diviness a fancy. 

Bless us to wash down our sins with last bath.
Mankind has been till now a shame and disgrace. 

Every deed of ours has been surreptitious. 

Bless sinners like us with your grace. 

We will emerge again as your marvellous creations. 

Copyright ©Vishal Raut

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This is not just a random post,  it is in fact the turmoil in my heart and my desperation to seek answer which will justify the morality of my soul and at the same time calm my ethics and principles. 

What if you know that what is happening  with you is wrong and you truly deserve better, but the better is being offered to someone else by top hierarchy, and if you take a stand against it, maybe you will get what you deserve but that soul will loose what he has been enjoying for a while. What will you guys do in such a case?? 

Comments and suggestions  needed!!! 

Help me my fellow  bloggers 🙁🙁🙁

Is Mankind Sinking??? 

​“No weight is required for a man fallen in well to sink,  he will go down by his own weight. Mankind is so heavily weighed down by its  own sin,  that it has already started sinking.” 

Do I believe this,  or should I believe this? Do you guys are also made to believe this or you think too so? 

I have been asking this myself from the moment I read it in a book.  The author obviously  wrote it,  because maybe his experiences at that moment with those around him,  would have been the reason for his belief. But then is it right to judge the entire mankind,  on one or maybe a series of bad experiences. 

Yes being judgemental about everything  that is happening in our life,  is the most common habit of everyone nowadays.  We humans have inherited it so wisely that sub consciously we are judging everyone and everything around us. Try it,  we cannot practice being non judgemental for even a hour continuously. Well I don’t know about you guys but I find it very difficult  to do so. 

The writer who made this statement mentioned above,  judged the entire mankind without a hesitation and he questioned  the existence  of our species on this planet. 

We, who have, over so many years evolved from Homosapien to the modern Human being of present era. Our kind has been able to survive and flourish  with ease and comfort,  thanks to our developed nervous system. 

Yes in our struggle to survive and develop our self in every dimensions of life,  we mankind did commit some,  in fact many unpardonable sins with everyone consent. Yes it was done with every one consent because we felt that was necessary  for us at that time for our survival and our comfort. 

Our sins are multiplying everyday and we are responsible  for it, but the question is,  when are we going to realize it? 

When are we going to learn differentiating  between our necessities  and requirements? 

When are we going to stop exploiting every living being and every resources  available on Mother Earth? 

When are we going to be compassionate,  kind and gentle than being angry,  arrogant and evil? 

When are we going to be humble an peace loving species than being war lovers and religion preachers? 

I have not lost faith in our kind yet and I believe even God has not yet given up on us. If he would have,  then everything  would have been ceased till now. No flower would have blossomed in gardens,  no fruit would have grown on trees,  no women womb would have been blessed  with a life. 

Comments most welcome!!! 

Copyright ©Vishal Raut 

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