It is convenient to say no,
Rather than saying yes and sticking till end with your commitment.
It is convenient to be atheist,
Rather than believing in God and seeking hard your enlightenment.
It is convenient to be a hypocrite,
Rather than practicing what we arrogantly preach.
It is convenience, that we

seek and cherish,

Rather than facing the brutal, harsh truth.

Copyright ©Vishal Raut


It has been eternity now my love, how long should I wait?

Ages passed and still I am awake.

Eyes long, for your one glimpse

Soul shivers, for your one smile.

You and me, have been apart for a while now.

When will it end? And I don’t know how.

I hope you are waiting for me, far away from me.

I hope you are crazy for me, the way I am.

Love was sweet then, and I hope it remains so.

Let time not wither and turn it sober.

Water it, and caress it for a while my dear

Very soon, I promise we will be facing each other.

Glasses are tinted of my window and so in my vision.

Bones crumble and are brittle from last  winter.

Wrinkles are the main features of my face.

Heart sighs with every breath.

Love on the contrary is, and will remain young.

Memories are still well kept and polished.

This world is narrow and so is the time.

We will face our destiny in next world, sometime.


Copyright © VISHAL RAUT

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Nothing I have now, nothing is left.
All is empty and nothing is unkept.
All is drained and filled with silence.
My mind as a void, is guarded by thorny fence.
Yes it has nothing, but still it resist,
Keeps away all better thoughts and exist.
Trembles my heart and makes it wither.
Nothing, nothing I do makes him suffer.
Drowsy and stubborn it lays in his lair
Deprives me, my gifted charisma and flair.
Yes it is mine and I need it now the most
Life is tough and time is worst.
I survive, you survive my friend
Keep apart all your games and let me lend.
All my talent, all my will power.
I need it at once for his blessings to shower.
Come and be with me, don’t be stubborn.
Yes you had your way, now let’s together learn.
Learn the purpose of life, learn the meaning
Learn how to face the sun up above shining
That’s it my mate, come and embrace
I spread my arms, just stand up and face.
You and me, nothing else matters.
Neither of us is salve, nor is anyone master.

©Vishal Raut

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Some of my days are old and tired,
Some are young and excited.
Some make me creep and crawl every moment.
Some push me beyond my limits.
I have a curse which I don’t know, when ends.
I have a blessing which I know, will end soon.
I am human,with a bit of divine in me.
I am a human, with a demon being in me.
Love and hate all exist within me.
Love is mere and hate is surplus within me.
Quest is on , but laziness overrides it.
Battle continues even when, war is lost.
You have me,but I have none.
You have love, and I have pain.
Bless My Lord! bless me at least now,
With divine love and mist of grace.
Unwind my faith, and enrich it again.
Break my shackles and strengthen my leap.
Hate and sorrow , I had enough.
Love and only love, I need hence on.

Copyright ©Vishal Raut

Casual Conversation

Hi, how are you? Yes I am asking you. How have you been lately? Sorry I never bothered to ask you, about you”

‘Now you might be wondering, how the hell this happened? Why is he suddenly asking me, how I am? He knows how I am, he knows how I have been in past and in fact he will decide how I will be in future. Then why is he even bothering himself by asking me?’

‘Yes, I know you, yes I have been responsible for all that you have been till now and what you will be in future. Yes, you and me have been dwelling together in a same physical form, responsible for its performance and survival. But never have we existed as our self for each other. We have mostly never acknowledged our identity and understood the reason behind our purpose.
You are the heart, emotional, mushy, traumatic and the anxious one. I am the mind, rational, pragmatic, logical one. Yes most of the time I dominate you, very few keep the courage to follow you. I have more slaves than masters. You have dreams, aspirations, ambitions. I on the contrary have statistics, reality check and knowledge to back up with. Yes I am easy to follow and better to understand. You are the most complicated one. Never emotes anything clearly, never express anything vividly.
So my lovely colleague, yes I am your competitor, but believe me, I never had a choice for it. Choice is not with both of us. So rather than being stranger why can’t we be a good neighbor. Let the one who has the choice, decide, which house he or she want to dwell in’

Which house do you guys prefer to dwell in? Do share with me in my comments section.


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My Boy

“How have been your journey so far, boy?” Asked the man standing right behind him in that crowded bus, hanging on the same rusty iron bar. His sweaty armpits where dripping on his shoulder and his groin rubbed unintentionally on his ass, whenever bus danced among the potholes. ‘Who was he? Why is he bothering me? I don’t even know him, but still he is asking me so much in detail. Fuck off’, he wanted to reply, but just couldn’t. That smiling face deserved respect. Lines on his forehead resembled with his father. Yes their thickness, length, all of it. It was almost the forehead of his father. Rest of the face had no resemblance at all with him. But so what, that was enough for him to bear him the entire journey.

It has been a year, he has left his home now. Not even bother to call once since then. Loss of his father, was a tragedy which changed him completely. Nothing in this world could take his place. What could he have done without him? He never imagined such a situation. For him he was there always. His every success, his every failure, his sickness, his pain all was shared with him. Now what? Loss of father, ensued with responsibility was to much for that child. So he decided to quit. Yes he did something which no one had taught him ever. His father specifically have never trained him to do so. Then from whom he learnt to quit?

Understanding the reasons for person’s behavior in a situation, essentially requires you to understand everything about that person, which except that person no one knows. So for that child, he had his reasons for his actions and that he was not willing to share it with anyone at all.

“So where are you going son”? This question dragged him back to reality. Staring at him blankly over his shoulder, he wondered what to say. “Last stop sir”, he replied and started looking forward, trying to avoid any further conversation.

So when the bus did stop at her last stop and when the only two men got away from her, he got cautious. Is he following me? What the fuck does he wants from me? What if he is some psychopath killer? Afraid and anxious he got down with him and started walking ahead. He knew no one in this town. He was just wandering and killing his time, doing odd jobs and changing places every now and then.
“Son why don’t you come and stay with me tonight”, once again the man offered him help. He was tired, refusing him. But this time he couldn’t resist it. His weakness and hunger overcame his fear and he agreed to go with him and started following him. ‘Fuck off’, he said to himself. ‘What if he kills me, I can be with my Pop again in heaven’.

After evening supper which was thoroughly enjoyed by the boy, he laid down on a bed made for him. While the boy was plunging in his deep slumber he heard the man say, “ Sleep my son, sleep here. Remember no matter what happens, never in life worry about anything at all. I will provide you all. You just focus on following the purpose of your life. Rest all will be taken care by me”

Same words, same sentence, how could it be? He went crazy, his father use to say him, same thing every night before he went asleep. But today after many days he had a full supper so he felt as if he was listening this in his dream or did the man say it. He was confused and instead of asking him he preferred sleeping in that warm quilt. ‘In morning I will ask him, who he is?’, he thought and slept.

Will he get a chance to ask him in morning?

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Copyright ©Vishal Raut

First attempt in writing a short story.


It stays with you for long.

No matter how hard you try.

It insist, it persist you all time.

No matter how hard you resist.

They take over you, all of you.

Every nook and corner of yours.

Fill you up to the brim

Make you of same color and breed

Bad habits eventually turn from slave to master.

Make you do all that you don’t want to.

Strength is lost and so is Valor.

Laziness creep in you and you succumb.

©Vishal Raut