Be In The Moment

Today while wishing one of my college friend on his brithday, we chatted a bit longer, and I asked him, his age, inspite of knowing it and even expressed amazement after listening his number.

Yes age is after all just a number and we both agreed at that very moment about it, because neither one of us actually resembled with that number. We both feel that we are still those harmone boosted teenager hanging around college campus for no reason at all, even when everyone left. We never knew the reason, why we use to be there in that campus for no reason?

Today everyone is in their own journey and far away from our campus, but then for a moment, what if for a day maybe or even for a few hours we all end up in the same campus again, with the same environment, same people and same situation around us. How will we behave then? Well we haven’t lost our memory, so we do vividly remember what lies ahead of us in our future and what all we have to endure, enjoy, strive or survive post this campus.

My curiosity is only what will we choose on those moments, in that campus? and will our choice or reaction or response for all those situations which we lived together will be different because we know what is their for us in future or still like a arrogant teenager we will enjoy making the same mistakes and face the consequences? What will we choose to do??

Will we choose not to pick up a fight with out a reason with those guys, just to show off maybe or will we still pick up a fight?

Will my friends choose not to fight among them for a girl who will not be in their life’s at all? Will they choose to betray each other for that girl?

Will I try and listen to myself and say what I have to say to each one of my friend, rather than keeping all within myself waiting for the right time, when I know I will never be able to meet all of them together in next decade?

Will my friend, still make all those promises to his girl, and will they both still spend hours painting the facade in their daydreams, whole day, one day after another when they both know, they will never end up marrying each other?

Will one of my friend choose not to be afraid of her father so much, will she gather all the courage and refuse him once and for all to live within his established boundaries? Or will she just continue as on, inspite of knowing that, this is going to hamper her life ahead.

Will one of my friend choose to suffer for years, for being rejected from a girl, when he knows, he is going to find his true soul mate post this campus life? What will he choose?

Yes hanging in your past is not what everyone enjoys and it is not my cup of tea either, but what fascinates me or rather compels me to look in my past is the silly choices or mistakes we make and the vast amount of time we spend worrying about them, which is not worth it for sure, we know it now, but we don’t realize it then. It becomes a question of our existence, then, but does it in anyways stops from existing, striving and moving ahead? No, not at all! It hardly matters now, but it did mattered then.

I think happiness and pain that we endure and enjoy in our journey is not so important, because former ensue the latter and so on. The most important thing is the journey itself. It is very important to be in the journey and do what ever you do, without thinking how it is going to affect, just do it, rather just be in that moment.

We all had been in that moment, and yes we enjoyed being in that moment, so maybe we stayed, even when no one was there, just to be in that moment, just to breath that moment, so that we can carry it with us ahead, because, we for sure will need that moment, when storm will capsize us, or when paradigm will dislocate us or when our heart will be shattered.

We all, will need that moment one day!!

Copyright © Vishal Raut

Image courtesy : Pixabay


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  1. I like your perspective re birthdays! I feel the same it is just a number and my actual number doesn’t ring true to me?! I don’t feel that number. Great article I like your trip back to memory lane with more knowledge and wisdom as luggage. Smart.

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