I was surprised

How unaware I have been, no I was not ignorant nor arrogant, but in the last decade of my life I was so obsessed with myself and unluckily my job also took me away from society, because of which I completely forgot some major traits of it.
I forgot that I could use them, and they were there for all of us always, but completely ignored by me
Like, I completely forgot to ask for help when you need one. Or to request someone for something which is necessary for you at that moment.
I forgot, that I could do that. It is not that I have been self-reliant till now, no it is not like that, I too needed help, but I forgot to ask someone, mostly I forgot to ask those who were around me. Rather I preferred to sulk and get angry on myself. I started blaming people and situations around me when my task or my goal was left unchecked, which maybe would have been achieved if I would have asked for help.
I could have easily asked people, organizations around me for their help, guidance, but I did nothing of that at all.
When did I realize that? Well eventually today also I was about to quit on one of my tasks, I was stuck in a situation where I had to give up one of my commitment for the other one because I was getting late. I was about to do the same, when the person sitting beside me said, “you should go and ask them for help”, and I did that and they agreed to help me and finally I ended up completing both my commitments in my planned time.
I was about to quit one of my tasks, view time constraint which I knew was not the right thing to do, but never a thought cross in my mind that I should request the other person to consider my problem.
It was a surprise to me when someone else agreed to help me in an instant. I was amazed which such a positive response and it just changed my perception of people around me.
Seriously, nowadays media, news, and social sites are exploding daily for us the monstrous nature of humans and their inhumane acts, which has somehow successfully generated fear in our mind, which ultimately refrains us from being kind and genuine with strangers we met every day.
How many of the strangers that you meet in a day smile back at you? Well, not most in my country. We have somehow lost our ability to connect with people and be social in the physical world. Yes, we are excelling in a virtual world, but that is not our true self.
To be generous, when it is not your liability, to someone who is a complete stranger for you without any expectations is our true nature. We, humans, are a social animal and we need society to survive, except, love and for validation. Instant gratification on a social site is considered a mood booster, but I think being generous, happy, and being selfless with a smile for everyone you meet in a day is a true and most effective boost of serenity for soul and mind.

Copyright©Vishal Raut

3 thoughts on “I was surprised

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  1. Realisation comes to a very few, I’m glad you’re one of them.
    When I read the line, “How many of the strangers that you meet in a day smile (back) at you?” I was glad that you are the one to give the welcoming smile first, and as long as there are people who do that, I’m sure they would find someone who does acknowledge how strangers can mean so much more to them.

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