Birds  shit on my face, beneath  thundering cloud. 

I await for my demolition and am ashamed. 

Being still and watching all,  has been the purpose. 

Yes a death is far better than this curse. 

I died long back, ages have been passed, 

Generations remembered me and generations forgot. 

They seek a lot within me and avoided me a lot too. 

They took everything from me as per their comfort. 

When sun shone on me, they all kneeled, 

When glory kissed me they praised. 

And when death was awaiting me, they worshipped. 

Today when I am no more, they caged me. 

Huge riding statues of mine, will look glorious, 

Pride will shine and courage will  be displayed. 

Truth will be hidden, and character will be shunned. 

Summon my principles, not my face value. 

Vishal Raut 

Copyright © Vishal Raut 

Image : Google