When I am alone, lost deep in a crowd , I amuse myself by watching people faces and their appearance. Some amuse me, some make me wonder about them and most of them allure me towards them. I end up most of the time imagining, exchanging my life with them. Most of them attract me so much that I wish to take their place.

Same happens with me when I am travelling by a train, and among all those landscapes and running towns in my window, I search the perfect house and imagine myself in that. I am ready to trade my house, my life and that is what, I am frightened off.

Why am I doing this and why am I doing it without any hesitation at all? Life has been tough on me and so it has been on all of us but trading it with someone else just because  you find it to be better visually is not the right thing and I know it so well, still why my heart is so fascinated by this idea. I have to ask myself and search within me the reason for this. I have been doing the same from last few days and then I thought maybe I will like to know from you guys. Have you ever felt so?

I did realize that, for a moment if we say that we all want to do the same thing and we all imagine that the other person is having a better life than us, just as the saying goes ′Grass on the other side is always greener′That makes all of us unhappy with our life. then who is happy with his life ? The guy walking on a road see someone on a cycle and wishes for a cycle and the other guy on the cycle wants the bike standing beside him and the gentleman riding a bike is desperate to owe a car for his family. 

We all want more in our life and are not satisfied with the present situation and are always asking for more, sometime for us and sometime for our loved ones. But just  for a moment imagine if my brother, wife or my mother also start doing the same and if they also trade their life with someone’s else for a better living and happiness and if they choose to abandon me so easily then what would I feel.

Asking for more in a life is not an issue, but fighting for it, striving for it and winning it is more satisfying and worthy than spending time in our own LA LA land of dreams and waiting for miracles to happen.

Someone somewhere is more worthy than me, but he is not blessed with my life and my opportunities and I have to make most out of  my blessings.

So lets start loving our life and rather than focusing on what we don’t have lets cherish and value what we have.

Vishal Raut