Give them the freedom

Read it in a article today which was about students in India commiting suicide, reason being not able to manage the pressure of studies and exams etc.

At the end of the article the reporter mentioned that he met a student who was returning back to home to tell his parents that he can’t clear the competitive exam for which he was here, and he is not simply made for it. But when he was asked, that what would he really like to do in his life?  He replied that he don’t know, because he has never been so free to think what he really want to do!

Today you will meet many of them who really don’t know what they want to do with their life and to be honest even I don’t know, what to do with my life? But not knowing what to do in your life is not a issue but not having the freedom to make choice in your life is a big problem for our kind. 

So,  is it true that the youngster of  a typical middle class society of my country have never being given the freedom to choose what they want in their life?

I think the main reason behind it is also the nomenclature of our society. Here in my country, people marry early, have kids as soon as they are married and then all those things which they couldn’t achieve in their life, becomes the liability for their children. 

Childrens are never given the freedom to choose what they want, but it is expected from them that they must shoulder the responsibility as soon as possible. Completing the education which parents think is good for them and then securing a job and finally get married and have kids. Hence keep the  cycle running. 

We have to understand that every guy is not born to be a Engineer, Doctor etc. This is not the only choice left in our country. Yes we are a developing country but unless and until we don’t give the coming generations the freedom to choose and express their qualities, we are not going to move ahead at all. 

Life in 21st century is born with many dimensions and possibilities. Yes it was not so some decade ago but now it is. Technology and creativity has shifted their paradigm and has opened many possibilities for youngsters to flourish and achieve everything they want. Yes their will be competition and yes it will be tough too, but then they will never give up here,  in their chosen field because they will be loving every challenge thrown at them.

So as a parents, rather that expecting some outstanding stuff from your childrens, provide them with all the options and opportunities of this world and let them choose for themselves. 

Let them make their own mistakes and let them learn from them. Let them face the storms of their life and let them rise from it with glory. Yes do abide them with strength and character and bless them from your heart. 

Copyright ©Vishal Raut


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