Fancy being a Child again?? 

Choice to do what we have to do in a life. Choice to be with whom we love, choice to have what we like. Having choices at every moment of life, won’t it be a ideal life?? 

Well today as a grown up, we do have to choose among our options at every stage of life, some we do it consciously and some sub consciously, but most of the time we choose, not what we want, but what we think is the best for us at that moment. At least  it happens with most of them in my country. 

The freedom to choose what we loved, which a baby child has is Surreal and fascinates me a lot. Yes, a baby child is innocent, gorgeous, and sometime behaves insanely too. But the marvelous advantage of being a child is most of the time you get what you want, because your choice is stated firmly and approved most of the time. 

A simple smile or a loud wail of cry states very profoundly what they want and what they don’t want. It is very simple and easy for them. 

Wish we could do the same as a grown  up and we too had someone to fulfill our choices. 

Eg : You don’t want to face your boos today, simply start weeping when he summons you. He will understand your true feeling without getting offended,  off course. 

Easy, simple. But is it soo??? 


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