Coming Days 

Coming days will be bright and sunny. 

Love will be gifted abundantly and freely. 

Everything around us will be happy and funny. 

Smile will dance on our face merrily. 
This gone time was bad and so was our life. 

We lost our loved ones and our hopes. 

We still remember faces of our dead kids and wife. 

Bless now, bless us with strength to cope. 
I don’t praise you now,  for mercy. 

Neither,  am I afraid of your wrath. 

Time is strong and his diviness a fancy. 

Bless us to wash down our sins with last bath.
Mankind has been till now a shame and disgrace. 

Every deed of ours has been surreptitious. 

Bless sinners like us with your grace. 

We will emerge again as your marvellous creations. 

Copyright ©Vishal Raut

Image : Google 


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