This is not just a random post,  it is in fact the turmoil in my heart and my desperation to seek answer which will justify the morality of my soul and at the same time calm my ethics and principles. 

What if you know that what is happening  with you is wrong and you truly deserve better, but the better is being offered to someone else by top hierarchy, and if you take a stand against it, maybe you will get what you deserve but that soul will loose what he has been enjoying for a while. What will you guys do in such a case?? 

Comments and suggestions  needed!!! 

Help me my fellow  bloggers πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™


31 thoughts on “QUESTION

  1. It is usually said” May the best man win”..So if you will yourself to deserve better, or to have better potential then go for it..take a stand or else let that soul have his place..πŸ’š
    Thatz is only what came to my mindπŸ˜…

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    1. If I take a stand and fight for the right thing not only for me but for some of my colleagues then in this process also I tend to hurt the favorable guy and maybe he will think ill about me and think that I have it, because of my jealousy. I don’t want the tag of jealous on me.

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      1. You can not please the whole world but there are times when you have to know the best what is Right. Go for it fight for it. Don’t stop yourself just to avoid a tag from someone else.important is that after 2 years, when you look should be satisfied. Only you will be with yourself in your life . So what tag you want to give is upto you. I know I am late in the response and the situation might have passed by now:)

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      2. Hey thanks for understanding my problem and you surely gave me a different insight for my problem. Problem has not passed but i think I have overcome it or avoided paying attention to it.
        Thanks for supporting me and guiding me. πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘πŸ‘

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    1. My soul says keep quiet and have faith, you will get it if you deserve, but I think I don’t have patience for it. I needed to share and discuss with someone about it, but was afraid of being judged.


      1. Let me ask you this question, if you truly feel like you deserve this, why do hesitate to speak up! I think that your not speaking up because your inner gut is telling you that it would be not the best thing for you to do so.

        Patience was my hardest lesson. One more question would this promotion or whatever make you happy now?

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      2. It is not about promotion , I don’t give a damn about it, it is about sharing the responsibility , my job increase which ultimately consumes more of my time family ultimately is deprived of me and my company. This is what on a boarder view matters me.

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      3. That is what I have been thinking, I should say it no matter what others think of me, I have to do it because my family deserves my time. Whether to agree to my demand or not is the choice of management after all.

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      4. Now I understand but you must calm down and do it calmly, get your point across in a way that shows that you are wanting e best for the company not yourself. Maybe wait until tomorrow. If you work for a good company they should understand

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      5. Yup I am planning to wait for few days and see how my inner unrest responds to it. Surely I am not going to be angry on it. And I have to learn to be diplomatic for sure.

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  2. First of all, I’m truly sorry to learn that something like this is happening to you. Injustice of any kind is intolerable but unfortunately life doesn’t give us clear cut answers. You must ask yourself this question – do I need to stay in this place? Does my career or life or a relationship depends on it? I’d the answer is yes if suggest you hold tight and lay low. Maybe with time you’ll have your justice. If not you can always ΰ€”ΰ€° your thoughts later. Believe me no one will call you a coward but someone who’s patient and forgiving. If however you are in a situation where you got nothing to loose, I’d say give it back to them. Hope this helped 😊

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    1. I think I have nothing to loose in it, but I have to find the best and polite way of conveying my message and ensure it fall on right person ears with the appropriate justification.
      Thanks for your suggestions and wish you a lovely life.


  3. Trust yourself. When it feels right, you’ll know it. But always stand up for yourself and your family. The rest will work itself out. It looks like you are getting some good advice already.

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