​Do you start your write up with a title or think of the appropriate title post completing it. The latter one suits me. 

When I pickup my pen and stare on a blank page, I generally have no idea what I am going to write about.  Yes sometime, in fact very few time,  I feel a sudden eruption of thoughts, unrestlessens and anxiety fills my heart an urges me to write, which after completion of my writing tends to subside. I feel relieved and lighter post completion. Though this happens quiet a few time with me, most of the time I am just staring at the blank page and pondering on what to write. 

Inspiration, muse are not gifted to everyone.  Some search for it within them,  some search it around them and some are gifted to have them forever. I am,  for sure that, I am not at all the gifted one. In fact I have to search it every time,  around, inside, everywhere 24*7. Most of the time the endeavor to seek my inspiration  goes on for days and months. 

You guys might be wondering, that why am I sharing this with you all? What is, so interesting  in it? Nothing  is special in my writing and I know that very well. But I will surely love to keep on writing for myself.  An amateur learner within me will surely want to master all the traits of writing and is willing to go through the extreme hardship to accomplish myself as the one who is capable to express every emotions of human life on this challenging blank page. 

This blank page, of which I am frightened of from last few days,  who stares me and questions my every words and thoughts, need to filled up to its brim with ink of my pen, and make him destroy the enemity dwelling  between us. 

Blank page must be the reason for my writing and a companion in my journey,  who will share everything with me. Nothing is surreptitious  between us.  This journey is surreal,  so don’t ever betray me, my friend. 
Copyright ©Vishal Raut