On a hot afternoon , I sat beneath a tree for a while,
Wondering where actually, I lost my smile.

Tall and erect  stood that mountain, ahead me with pride,

And wind embraced him with deep passion as his new bride.
He laughs on me and, teases me and my kind.

Deep green valley witnessing this, never minds.

“You human beings are so weak  and cripple” he says.

“Running away from yourself every time when you tripple” he says.
” You need us when you are lost”

“But never ever have you understood how much true love cost??”

True love hummn, I smirked on him and thought

What a time, even this mountain is thinking  I never fought.
I wanted to yell back at him so loud.

That even would have shivered his lingering cloud.

And say “You my friend don’t  judge me and my kind”.

“We can tame you and deprive energy from your lovely wind.”
His strength  and his valour are admirable.

But we humans are for sure most adaptable.

I did every argument  in my mind, but said nothing.

I stood in front of him and listened  everything silently,  nodding.

I wrote this with only one thing in mind , that is, every time we human in this today modern world are striving  to convince  our point or to win every argument of a day. This struggle  of us is unnecessary and unworthy  but still  we do it for the sake of it. Unknowingly  it has become our habit. 

Sometimes  we must be silent and listen  to everything  that is happening  around us. 

Stay awake and listen to everyone. It is fun to listen and understand  someone else prespective.

Copyright ©VISHAL RAUT