Emotional  Needs 

​What are the basic need of we humans? Food,  shelter and clothing right,  this is what we have been taught  and this is what we think too.  Now what do we humans do post completion  of this essential requirements,  where  do we set our eye after that? What do we humans aspire the most after our basic needs? 

Is it our physical needs,  emotional  needs or the comfort of our life? When we look around us,  study our society  and analyze our upbringing  in this world of ours we can say it very clearly that we have taken utmost care of our every requirements other than  the basic needs in a appropriate quantity,  except  our emotional requirements. 

The reason behind the problems of most of  educated and sophisticated  human beings, sorrow and unhappiness is the scarcity in his emotions. When we are angry,  why are we angry and on whom are we angry and for what reason??? This questions and their answers both are beyond the reach of most of us. But yes getting angry, frustrated,  pissed off on someone is so easy for us nowadays. We the privileged  people of the society today are pushing our self through this trauma which is really unnecessary and self devastating. 

When I call our self privileged one, I mean it, in fact I did that purposely because I do consider our  self  so. Most of us,  born as humans are not even able to get those basic need which we think are the must for us, and even then also they are surviving  and facing the struggle  every moment to their life. They have not been able to think beyond those basic needs,  forget everything else. 

 Life is beautiful,  we must never forget that and acknowledging it and making every moment count and living it fully without paying unnecessary  attention  to every other materialistic  aspect is the only way to fill our heart with gratitude and ambitions. Every emotion that rises in our heart, which turns our throat dry and sends cold shiver through our spine is worth expressing and feeling. We have to pay more attention to our senses,  and befriend  them because that is why we are blessed with them.  It is through them we have to see the world,  and acknowledge  its  beauty and vulnerability, forget the analytical and statistical way of gazing  at life and yes screw that practicality  funda.

Vishal Raut

Copyright ©Vishal Raut


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