A Friend of Mine 

​A friend of mine, asked me, “How are you?” 

“Where had you been from such a long time?” 

“I asked for you,  every place I had known.”

“You my friend are hard to find.” 
Stunned by his questions,  I looked in his eyes. 

Took a fearless leap in his heart. 

Embraced the warmth of his concern. 

Then looked at him and begin to reply. 
“My lovely friend,  you don’t  remember  I think.” 

“My house is just round the corner from here. ” 

“For you and your success,  I gave up my all.”

“And you after that,  haven’t even given a call.” 
“My mother had given her blessings to you everyday.” 

“My wife thought of you as a brother.” 

“It’s our family you said to me everyday.” 

“And then you left us in  darkness with  no hope of light.” 
Blesses I am that,  I don’t have your greed. 

That black heart of yours, is full of evil creed. 

You and me were so same and different now,

Both sailing under the same currents. 

I love hope and have a belief, 

You have strength and your aim. 

I help other and suffer in pain, 

You don’t bother,  unless you have something to gain. 

I am alone and in misery, 

You have surplus, and still alone. 

You want me today around you for appreciation, 

I want you everyday, as a friend indeed. 

Vishal Raut 

Copyright @Vishal Raut 


10 thoughts on “A Friend of Mine 

    1. We all are here to learn from each other, we all have our unique style and magic. Sharing it with you all makee me feel complete and if you guys are really learning from me something then that is so overwhelming for an amateur like me.
      Thanks for such a lovely interaction, looking forward to have a lot of such discussions with you.

      Liked by 2 people

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