Future & Love

​I read a beautiful sentence in a novel, it said “ Future is what you have to earn.  If we don’t earn it we don’t have future at all.  And if we don’t earn it we don’t even deserve it, then we have to live in the present more or less forever,  or worse we have to live in the past.  That probably what love is-a way of earning  the future.”

I have read a lot about what love is and even wrote many times about love I felt, like love in my life, love in my dreams etc. But never I thought  about such a unique definition  of love. “Love is a way of earning the future.” 
Many times normal people like me take strength from their love to survive in this world.  Some hopeless people even blame their love for their fragile and pathetic life. They think that it was their love which holded them back when they wanted to take leap forward. They consider love as a weakness of their life. 

Love was never,  neither it will ever be a weakness for human being.  When I see the chaos around the entire world and when I start believing that truly world is falling apart.  An innocent smile on the face of a infant sitting in his mother lap aside me in a train drags me out from my nausea of pessimism and sun shines brightly on my forehead  once again burning my eyes and breeze of hope whispers in my heart tenderly. Love awakene me from my nightmare then and startles me. 

My future they say will be challenging and advanced.  The façade of our future is completely planned,  developed and surely admirable. Technology  has a role to play in every dimension of my future. What I see around me today,  what is today a part of my environment is not necessary will be present in  my future. Our needs,  plans and ambitions  all will be different  in our future. 

Apart from all these,  I am sure that energy required by every individual to take a leap in that future will be derived from love. Love for their family,  love for their parents,  love for the society,  all this abundant love will make them work hard,  dream high and sleep less. 

Yes I agree that love is the way to earn the future. Love which every human  heart prespire with every heart beat,  for every living being on this planet is solely going to be the designer of future. 

But remember never take love for granted.  It will react exactly the same way as our Mother Earth is reactingwhen we took her for granted. Today she is spitting all the venom of on us which we pumped for ages in her heart. 

So earn your future,  work hard and love tirelessly. I am sure our way for the future will brighten in front of our eyes like a glittering night runway. Follow it holding hand in hand with your love and your destiny will embrace you both till eternity. 

Vishal Raut

Copyright ©Vishal Raut

Image :- Google. 


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