Of all the moments that I have lived till now,  some of them have left a profound impression in my heart and have made me wonder that is it only me who has experienced such situation  or everyone goes through them? I don’t have an answer for it so I am going to share them with you and you guys can let me know that has it ever happened with you?

1. This happened with me when I was in a beautiful town in Italy called La Spezia for about 6 months on a official visit.  I had some colleagues of mine staying with me. This seashore town was senically  beautiful and silent like a typical European town. It had a lovely  beach which was the highlight of the town.  The whole night life was around this beach. On one Sunday it started raining cats and dogs from morning.  We had to stay in our rooms.  The rain made the town go numb.  Staying in my room with nothing to do made me restless and lonely. I started missing my family and friends,  it had been a long time away from them. After lunch I could not stop myself, so I wore my rain jacket and plugged in my earphone of my mp3 player and went out on the beach. 

The beach was  completely abandoned,  I took a shelter behind a rock and sat there watching the sea in that pouring rain. I was silent,  had no one to talk with and had nothing to think about. All I did was,  to watch the drenched sea and listen the music playing in my ears. My all attention was devoted to this two activities  and both of them where blessing me with utmost joy and pleasure. 

I had around 300 songs in it and the player was playing in a shuffle mode,  and every song that was played by the player was like a divine intervention  to me. Every songs matched my mood and thoughts,  every song filled  my heart with joy and happiness in that pouring rain.

It was as if someone was selecting the songs for me,  someone who knew me as I know myself,  someone who knew that rain is so nostalgic and overwhelming for me. 

That moment,  that rain,  that silence is what I needed the most at that very moment. I could have asked nothing else than what I got then. 

Destiny at some moment becomes so generous on us. 

Has it ever happened with you????

2. This incident that I am going to share with you has not happened with me,  but with someone whom I know very well. When it was told to me,  I was amazed by the accuracy and hand of luck in it. This friend of mine was very weak in his language  subject especially  English. He could hardly score passing marks in it. So he was appearing in his final exams of English and if he fails in this one he was going to loose his whole year. I tried and help him as much as I can. 

So after exams he was not so happy at all,  in fact he never thought  he would clear this exam. 

At last when result was announced,  my friend cleared his English subject with pretty good marks which  was shocking to me. I asked him did he copied someone else paper? he said no. 

Later on after lot of persuasion he told me that the one of th topic on whom composition/essay was to be written was the same which he by hearted  word by word. 

I was so thrilled by his good luck,  and wondered is it really possible.  A essay book having essays in it on about 150 topics,  of which this guy chooses randomly any one and that very same subject came in his exam. How the hell is this possible? 

The most shocking thing to me was that even after writing such a typical essay where he had  possibly scored maximum marks,  this guy was still worried in his holidays. 

Has it ever happened with you????

Last but not the least one. 

3. Once again I am gonna take you to my school days. I was in my 8 th std  then and a friend of mine who was a known prankster once took me on a school terrace just prior the morning assembly/prayer. I missed my morning assembly that day but watched it entirely from the terrace hiding behind a wall. It looked so systematic and perfect to me.  Every student standing in straight row,  prayer said in perfect chorus and teachers  ensuring everything. 

Next day that friend of mine did not took me and I was not having the guts to go on my own. Watching assembly from the school terrace allure  me and I wanted to be there once more and feel it. So I somehow convinced my best friend to come with me next morning. Now this friend of mine was in a good books with every teacher. So next day we waited till the class became empty and then we went on the terrace.  Even he was thrilled and happy at that moment and I was in my own bliss enjoying it thoroughly. 
Have a look at the irony of the life,  mostly when humans are  at the peak of their happiness, they start getting afraid. They are afraid because they know that this happiness is not permanent in their life, they are afraid that they will loose all this very soon and they know for sure  that something bad is waiting for them.  I too was feeling the same,  I too was afraid but the thrill kept me there till the end. 

When we were  returning back to our class,  there he was, my nightmare,  the deadliest guy of the staff caught us red handed  in our crime. What happened later with both of us is beyond imagination and personal too. 

Has it ever happened with you????

This are some of my experiences which I am sharing it with  you. I still don’t  know,  what to learn from them,  or maybe there is nothing to learn from them at all. Today maybe in this informative world we have become too cynical with whatever is happening with us. Analysis and conclusion has suddenly become a necessity for us. 

I am not going to do that in all this experiences,  on the contrary I am going to enjoy them and cherish them for lifetime. 

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Copyright @Vishal Raut 



  1. Aaaah…
    somethings just stay with us..
    And some happens so coincidentally..
    and seems to fall right into place ..at the right moment.

    I too have quite a list of testimonies. I could share..
    just smile and keep on living your life as is…
    I call it the blessings of my life…

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Not the first one..But there are certain moments when I have been through incidents as you have mentioned in the second and third parts.
    They leave such amazing memories..💚..
    Thank you for sharing..M nostalgic now😡

    Liked by 1 person

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