Go through the history of the whole world and through every era,  we come to know that we humans  have fought a lot with each other.  In every nook and corner of this world among every tribe and race there has always been a fight in  the past and some awaiting in the future. 

It really makes me wonder that why we choose to fight to solve our issues among us,  is that our nature or have we learned that from mother nature while evolving as a humans. Yes our evolution has been phenomenal and whatever we are able to achieve today is only possible because of our successful evolution. Nature contributed a lot to this process,  in fact nature maybe, did initiated human evolution.  I don’t  want to go much in a science behind evolution. 

We and all our ancestors in past have fought many wars with our enemies and  also within our societies and for many reasons.  When I say war,  it is not necessary  that it is fought with arms and ammunition. A war can be fought with ideologies and rituals with thoughts and ideas armed with insights  and belief. 

Most importantly  I feel that whenever the freedom of a man kind in any country or any part to this world was at stake,  a war was fought then and there and it was justified by everyone as the right thing to do. No thoughts were given about the enemy strength and his ability to win over us. It was necessary then and it is necessary now that war is a must for freedom. In my country (India), we fought for about 100 years with British Empire for our freedom and every way of our struggle as per me was the appropriate  one. I have no right today to judge those freedom fighters and their methods. Just as no one judged USA for their action against Afghanistan  post 9/11. 

Today in this 21 St Century some part of this world is still under a war and I have many people discussing around me and most of them are completely unaware of why the war is going on? People in Middle East are losing  their war for freedom and everyone knows that,  the number of immigrants prove that it is true. It is not good for mankind at all. Remember today they are facing it and very soon maybe we might also face the same situation.  So sitting in our couch and judging them and giving a statement that why should I fight someone else war is not fair. 

We all should stand up and should insist  our leaders to take action and help them go back to their home. Their Freedom is their right and we must fight for that freedom.


14 thoughts on “IMMIGRANTS 

    1. Thanks a lot for appreciating my work, this means a lot to me. There are so many things happening around us we must be aware of them and try and do what is right. We must react to all of it in a responsible manner.

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  1. From the beginning of time it has always been survival of the fittest, a primitive instinct that is inherent in us even though we have evolved. The only thing that is different now is that we can actually live together in harmony but those few people in power won’t allow it. This postis very enlightening.

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  2. Keep up the good work. A side note, there is a difference between an immigrant and a refugee. Though both may migrate, the refugee is the byproduct of a destabilization of a region through Geo-political pressures. No matter what country is doing the pressuring, one can trace it back to one man by the name of George Soros. That being said, the ultimate intention of the destabilization of the region is specifically to create a refugee problem, thereby forcing other nations to become, “host nations”, to the refugees. Once there, in the host nation, these refugees lose their national identity and become disillusioned with the host. They soon become a microcosm unto themselves and form their own communities and before you you can say, “boo”, another region is destabilized. It is all part of the Globalist Agenda.

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    1. I completely agree with you my friend that it is a part of global agenda for sure.
      I just don’t want any region to destabilize due to immigrants or refugee. Our main focus must be to reinstate them in their now region.
      Establish peace in every nook and corner of this world then such problems will never arise.
      I think this must be the global agenda.

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