I am going to leave you tonight,  yes that is for sure. What am I going to do when I am far away from you?  I don’t  know that.  But I do know that I am gonna leave you. 
When I will be far away from you strolling in a moonlight on a beach,  then I will think about you and wonder what will you be doing now? Are you crying and begging for forgiveness from me in this moonlight? Are you running barefoot from street  to street,  searching me in this moonlight? Have you knocked  every door till now,  where you thought I might be? Have you prayed in every  temple and shrine for me? 

I am nor deriding you and your love for me, by saying all this,  but you have to understand that some things are beyond the reach of a human being. Yes I did promise you and yes my love for you is surreal and pure,  but the truth is bright,  strong and vivid.  It is persuading me to leave you,  for you. 

I don’t  wanna punish you,  neither I want to hurt you,  but you got to stop this.  Stop my search and stop my mourning. I will not be at a peace,  if I am not sure you are. So let me go my love,  and set me free this time. I do promise you that next time I will not be the first. 

Vishal Raut

Image :- Google 


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