Life has  a twist,  we all agree,  

Deep down every feeling is true and angry.                                                     

When every door is shut upon our face,

Our heart takes a leap to set us free. 

When I was awake and waiting for someone,                                                     

To take me away from this materialistic world.                                

The one, never lend me a hand,  when I needed,                                                            

I stood there and saw him,  and could do none. 

Life, you betrayed  me once again today,                                                           

You did it in past and you did it again today.                                                               

I am suffered and annihilated  once more,                                                           

But I will take on you, for glory oneday. 

You punished me for being a hedonist,

Took your time to avenge me with pride.                                                                

I on the other hand never bothered of it,                                                                  

But now every part of me, wants to leave the separatist. 

Now you will face, my entire myself,

Entrusted with immense energy and belief.                                                          

My life is now mine and will be so forever,                                                      

You and your authority, now keep it with yourself. 

Vishal Raut