​Some days I have so many things going in my mind that it I feel like I am carrying too much weight on my head,  like a pile of huge stones or woods maybe. When I am far away from this daily clutter and routine stuff doing what,  I like the most,  then I don’t feel so. 

I am light like a feather then swinging admid the silent breeze in meadows and above the fresh streams. I am not walking then, but gliding on the path effortlessly. Every breath of mine is touched and blessed then,  when I am far away from this clutter and daily routines. 

When as a child,  I was taught to ask questions and seek answers of them,  it felt like a game to me.  I was eager to face questions and asked for help innocently  from anyone. But today it is not so,  and adult life is not so.  Questions arise in front of us even today but answers of them are beyond the reach.  Help is not offered even by them who you think, loves you and some questions are so worthless but necessary for you. 

I have a thing going on in my mind today which I will like to share with you all,  please don’t judge me on it.  It is my dilemma or my worthless  bunch of questions you might think so. But that is what I have got and I need to releive my mind of it,  because I am tired seeking answers for them. 

Some of them are as follows :

Q : What should you be worried about as an grown up adult today the most? 

Options are : Family,  Global warming and it s effect,  Career and passion,  Responsibility towards the society. 

On which of this things you will concentrate your energy upon and start taking steps. 

I know many will think that what a crazy question this is,  but then it is not possible for us to pay attention to all the things which are happening around us and which are not right. So I think we must divide ourself among all this issues and organize our actions to eradicate them completely or solve them to an extent. 

I firmly believe  that taking care of family and doing everything for them is not a big thing. 

Q:How do you realize that specific thing is your passion and this is what you have to do lifetime and excel in it? 

I have tried to find answes for this in many books and from many people and some of the best answer that I got was:

If you are completely unaware of time  when you are doing something and don’t feel hungry,  thirsty  or tired irrespective  of the hours you have been working,  then that stuff which you are doing now is your passion and you must continue doing this. 

Seek within yourself the answer lies within you and it will come in front of you when the time is right. 

I seriously don’t agree with the latter one but to some extent with the former one.  I am still in the process of finding my passion,  so any other way you guys think I must try. 

Q: What will you do if you are stuck in a job which  is of no interest to you and can’t even leave it because it has some advantages for you and your future?? 

A personal question. 

Feeling much better now after writing this post and hope you guys will interact with me and share  your views with me.  Mine is a eager mind,  so here it is. 

Do reply!!!! 

Love you all. 

Vishal Raut.