I am sitting idle on a sunny afternoon.

Mom calls me to ask, why am I home so soon?

What reason should I give today, I wonder,

Truth was, my mind couldn’t find anything to ponder.

I made some silly excuses and hanged up.

Looks in mirror and thought, have I screwed up?

My work was my life just a few months back,

Now I look as a athlete, who has lost his track.

I am searching it hard in every nook and corner,

Silence and solace are not helping me to find it any sooner.

My muse, my inspiration, were are you honey?

Come back, or just tell me how much you want money.

Misery and frustation are on the brink.

Here I am on a cliff, to dive and sink.

Hope is lost and my search is finished.

My purpose of life is completely vanished.

Then suddenly, I saw love gleaming.

She emmited radiance from every inch of her skin,

Immediately, unawerly I started thinking the ways to win.

Win her heart and make her mine forever.

Win her faith and let her go away never.

She will be mine and I will be here.

My every work now, will be inspired by her.


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