Sharing & Praying 

When are we really amazed by the people around us ?? When do we say to our self that yes some good people do exist around us.

It is only when we get a help in our crisis from someone unexpectedly, or someone genuinely wishes and prays for us. It is the unexpectancy that rattles our heart and makes us realize the goodnes around us do exist.

I wondered, that why we humans decided to stay together and form community/societies ? We have evolved till now and this process will continue, and  during this evolution of ours we have learned many new things and abandoned many old beliefs and thoughts. But the fascination we humans have to stay together either with family, relatives or with friends remains same on every future imaginable endavours of a human race.

We are made in such a way by the nature, that we carry within us, almost every quality of our creator. Whenever questions arise in my mind, like who made me ? What was the reason for my life ? I try and search answers for them around me. Every aspect of our nature, every things that is around us has been on this planet right from beginning. It might not have been the same way when this planet was formed but whatever it is, it has evolved to it, just as we humans.

Every living being is made by cretaor, if I go by this beleif, I can say that we are the expression of love that our creators heart is enriched with. His love for us poured through his heart and became the reason for our birth. He wanted to share that love with us and with that love he wanted to share every thing he has with him. So he gave us alomost everything, like eyes to marvel his serene nature, nose to enchant our mind with the fragnance of flowers and so on. He, I think wanted to share everything he had with us and also gave us an inherit need to do the same. We also have within us the unreasonable urge to share all that we feel and have, with someone who is close to us or loved by us. 

Now sharing our happiness and grief with our loved ones and helping then out on their problems is something we are quiet familiar with and almost every one thinks that this is our duty bounded by love which we share.

But to react the same for some unknown person is rare in today’s world. If we really never wanted to help someone in need and never wanted to wish the best to each other then I again the question arises that, why we humans chooses to live together and form societies? 

What sort of pleasure are we seeking by seeing or landing  someone in trouble? This is happening a lot nowadays on almost everyone’s professional life. You all might have observed how our friend alsways complains about, how some colleagues of him/her has made their life hell in office. It is a norm in every professional dimension of todays world. Some even defend it saying that it is the method of learning or a must standard of their office.

What I have observed is that, problems in professional life is a must to learn and it develop our abilities but sharing our solutions with some one will not only help him but will also teach him to be humble enough to share it with someone else.

We human chooses to live together not just to protect ourself from wild, but also to learn from each other and share it among us. We all are unique carrying various perspectives of life. To understand , to experience, to learn and to share everyones perspective and experience, is the reason of human race to stay together. 

We have to share our small secrets with every one and let everyone achieve what you have. Remember there is enough in world for everyone’s need but not for everyone’s greed. We have to wish the best for everyone including strangers,  that is the minimal thing we can do, but don’t underestimate the strength of that noble wish you had in your heart for a moment for anyone. Our thoughts are so strong enough to create riplles in the universe and can steer destiny.

I met a girl once and was walking with her and an ambulance crossed us with its siren on, obviously it was rushing the patient to hospital. That good lady stood there for a moment and prayed for this patient. I asked her why did she prayed for that patient she even don’t know the patient, she replied God has given me to power to pray for every one. Then I realised that I have never prayed for anyone expect for myself. Guess what I did, I married that girl!!!!

Anyways what I wanted to say was help everyone who is in need and pray for all.

Love you all !!!!

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14 thoughts on “Sharing & Praying 

    1. You only mentioned my last para, which obviously is the most beautiful thing that happened to me. But would have loved the detail interpretation of my blog from all of you. As you know I am a beginner in this blogging world.

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