Purpose of my life 

I am asking myself every now and then, 

A question  whose answer will bless me zen.

Confused and lost, I survive my day.

Without  hopes and dreams , I find no way.

Come up my heart and guide me ahead, 

Bless me and  my destiny, let my fears shed.

Enlighten  me and my life with your beauty.

I am truly fed up of these sorched reality.

When sun blossoms  in this paradise,

I curse my aimless life every sunrise.

Tell me, tell me please what is my life?

No,No  don’t  explain me the meaning of my life?

Just wisper in my ears, the purpose  of my life.


13 thoughts on “Purpose of my life 

  1. This is so beautifully written!
    Well, sometimes the questions we ask, and to find out their answers, we cover very far distances just to know that the answer was within us from that very moment when the question arose in our heart!

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      1. No you are not, you are holding within you all the possibilities of our creator which are pouring out from your mind through your heart in your writing. Keep doing it , you are blessed on friend.

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