Most of the time due to my profession, I have to stay away from my loved ones. As I don’t share good camaraderie with my colleagues, so I end up most of the time alone and suddenly start feeling lonely.

I still remember vividly those days when I had just completed my education and was hanging out with my friends in my town. I was so desperate then to be far away from home and my family. I use to think that I am missing something in my life. Lot was  happening in the world then and I wanted to be a part of most of them.

I had abundant love of my family  and good support from my friends, but back then I never understood their importance and took all that for granted. I started my new life, my own life, I can say far away from all my loved ones happily. But as time passed I start feeling lonely in my journey and started wondering what is my problem.

The worst thing about loneliness is that it takes lot of time to understand that you are lonely. When I realised that the reason for my sadness or rather I can say the reason behind the feeling of emptiness was me being lonely. 

I know there are number of ways suggested by experts to overcome your loneliness like for e.g. : 

  • Start a new hobby 
  • Reading 
  • Being more social, like clubbing etc
  • Work out in gym
  • Meditation
  • Positive thinking and blah blah !!!

After practising religiously every solution suggested to me, I found no improvement at all. Time flew by and gradually it started syncing with me and today my loneliness is my best friend.

Life had changed now and I have my own family with me, still I have to stay away from them because of my profession, but whenever I am  far away from them I have my loneliness with me. It is an integral part of my life and defines my life more profoundly today.

It is only when  I am lonely, I spend time with myself, talk with myself, discuss my problens, motivate myself and cherish all my good memories. Yes I do need my family, friends and relatives, without them my life is incomplete but my loneliness makes me complete and makes me ready to perform the role of son, father, brother, friend and so on. 

Loneliness does look creepy initially but once we familiarize ourself with it and gel with it, no doubt surely it is the best thing in life I can say. All the artifacts and renowned arts, literatures  were created by great artists only because they were left alone or they took time to be alone.

So never be afraid when you are left alone due to circumstances or by someone , on the contrary use that time to discover yourself and understand yourself and most importantly embrace yourself in that  moment with your loneliness.


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