Me and my life 

I started this blog with only one idea in my mind. I wanted to understand what exactly is blogging and how is it done. Wait, let me make one thing very clear, that I am not at all interested to make money by blogging but if ever I get the opportunity to earn, I have no issue with it.

So I choose this site which made my blog page very easily. But the very next question was what will I be blogging off ? I am presently living a mediocre life in a metro city of India. Striving hard to earn livelihood for myself and my family with hardly any adventure in my life.

I do have some hobbies, which well are not so unique but very special to me. But then writing about them will not be so exciting. So after thinking for a while I decided to write about life in general.

Life, I know is such a common word which we use daily thousand times in our communication. Boss shouts on your colleague in front of you, you patt his/her shoulder and say “it is part of a life don’t worry. “You don’t get a seat to sit in a metro while going back home when you are tired and need the most, you smirk and say to yourself “what a life.” You follow your favourite person on Instagram/Twitter and go through his daily post and pic, envy him and show them to your friends and say “he/she is truly living a splendor life.”

Life, we all celebrate, curse , envy, blame, spend, live every moment. We do all this in our life, with our life and never ever try to understand that all this is possible for us only because we are blessed with a Life.

So here I am, and I have decided to blog about Life, it can be anybody’s life, yours, mine anybody’s. I will in my subsequent blogs try to express various forms of a human life in every aspects of society within my country and place/society I get opportunity to live in with.

Thank you and do comments whatever you feel like and kindly tolerate my typo/grammatical errors if any.

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  1. 🙂 Precise reason why i started blogging, I was able to be quite honest since I was confident no one would read it, eventually to my horror people were reading and engaging, fortunately for me my honesty stayed and my voice was not choked out as it happen in the physical world.

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    1. We’ll congrats that so many people are engaging in your blog. Actually I am quiet an amateur in blogging world as of now, and will surely try to be honest as long as I can. Let me share with you , people over here are genuine, positive and really good as compare to that world we live in. Thanks a lot.

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  2. I’ve been browsing on-line more than 3 hours as of late, yet I by no means
    discovered any attention-grabbing article like yours.
    It’s pretty price enough for me. In my opinion, if all site
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    1. Hey Margarita thanks a lot for such a lovely comment and I am sorry for being late to acknowledge your comment, because it was in my spam folder.
      Anyways we must all try and enrich this web with lot of useful stuff, you are so right on that. Let’s do it friend together.
      Wish you the best.


    2. Speaking of being late, but I’m a passing visitor, now this 2020 April, spending 3/hrs certainly will be more simulating, and I won’t mention the obvious…. lol…. but to you and the host, eat lots of fresh garlic, do all things lemons, grapefruit, dark green veggies of all sort and varieties, fish, and any and all things that feed your immune system – berries too. Oh! Don’t forget sunlight for natural vitamin D, even if you have to steal sometime out of doors if you are in a lockdown (humorous) country. Humorous because it ain’t funny, to be deprived so much vitamin D and for free.

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  3. I can add something about life. My bank account is at 0$ as of right now, got up today at 5 a.m to work in everything and anything, and today was a bit of construction site. I don´t have a steady job. I actually thought I was going to be homeless this month at least. Thank goodness my family hooked me up with a friend and he is the one getting me these jobs, wich I have already done in the past. I had packed the things from the room that I live in, a very cheep room that has no heat and we are at minus 0 degrees. Cold as hell. I don´t have money for transportation so I rely on different people to take me to whatever other chore it is that I have to help on.
    Good news, I don´t have Instagram, I don´t have facebook, and I could care less about all those rich guys and gals around. I´m blessed that I´m not homeless, a family that cares for me now (it wasn´t always that way we had our differences before and I actually have been homeless for quite some years) and blessed that even though is back braking labour at minus 0 degrees celcious, at least I´m working in order to pay back the people that gave me some money to pay rent and food. Plus I have a new computer. Priceless.
    Would I like to be rich or at least live a middle class life? You bet, but there are people in much worst circumstances than I am. So I actually feel lucky that I have a roof over my head, a couple of meals a day, some days I can buy my cool pack of cigarettes, and work. Plus obviously my true passion that is writing, even homeless I can write so nothing will take that from me. Life.

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    1. Hey Charly, thanks for sharing your life with me and wish you all the best for your future. You are so right about family, nothing is as priceless as a supporting family. Love them and live up to their expectations. You are so positive and have not given up in such adverse conditions which really shows your character.
      Wish you all the best and have faith friend and keep on doing what you love.
      Looking forward for more great post from you.


      1. Thank you my friend, I actually have a note on the wall that says “family first” just to keep me grounded. Of course first is taking care of me and me doing good, or semi good since I doubt I´ll become a millionaire, but is a reminder that if I do good for me invevitably it will affect in a positive way the people that surround me.
        Take care, me too looking forward with more time to read more of your posts

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  4. Interesting. My story: Traveling a lot. And that demands money. I know I should be doing other work but I spend hours on WordPress because… humanity is there. And I need to see that repeatedly. I get tired of how people behave when they meet in person but when they talk about ideas, they are all here.

    WordPress is my daily dose of refreshment and Vishal you should continue because you have a very beautiful mind.

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    1. Hey hi friend and thanks for such a lovely comment and encouraging me to continue , it means a lot to me. I am glad that I could know you through WordPress and wish you all the best and hope you travel a lot and continue doing what you love. Yes it is true, people in a personal world are harsher and insensitive and this virtual world is far better for sure.


  5. Start looking at life as if it is a story and every interaction you have with someone is a story you can tell. It is fun and you would not believe when you tune yourself to storytelling, the things you really learn. I have some amazing experiences! ☺️

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